Kickstarter Campaign Reflection

For the Empathy game kick starter I was a part of the group who created “Dooley Rider”. As a 4 person team we had many different ideas coming together during our brainstorming sessions. It was difficult to reconcile these differences in vision for myself and my teammates during the preliminary stages. However, we eventually were able to all get on the same page and unify our vision for what we wanted our game to be. Once we had a unified vision of our game we were tasked with the synthesis of our kickstarter campaign. This was obviously the most time intensive part of the project. My main tasks were the creation of the website, writing of text, and revision of text. I spent a large portion of my time getting more familiar with using wordpress. Due to this, I improved my website design skills through this assignment. I also improved my writing skills for a digital setting since the stage of our assignment was a kick starter campaign. A mistake we made was not creating a separate presentation medium for the in class presentation. We did not anticipate the difficulty of presenting the kickstarter as it is not a strong presentation tool. Another difficulty we were faced with during the brainstorming phase was integrating gamification into our game. We have talked extensively about gamification of problems but when it came to applying what we had learned I found it more difficult than anticipated.


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