What is in my bag?

Aerial view of the goods

What be in my bag?

Starting from the top row going right to left we will start with:

  • Multicolored folders:
    • I use these on a daily basis to organize my schoolwork/handouts from each class
  • Notebooks:
    • Used for taking notes. In class.
  • Plato Book:
    • ALWAYS do the reading, even when its a philosophy class
  • Laptop:
    • My trusty steed used to fulfill my internet needs, from making this blog post to playing Gone Home.
  • Water Bottle:
    • Hydration is key
  • Moleskin Planner:
    • State of the art weekly planner that organizes my life and whatnot
  • Stapler:
    • Staples paper together sometimes
  • Assorted pens/pencils:
    • Gotta write things down somehow. That’s what I use these for.
  • Calculator:
    • For calculations or to mess around with in ISOM when I get bored
  • Ice cream umbrella:
    • Stay dry: in style


This assignment was an interesting exploration in “autobiographical” storytelling. I do not think that the things in my bag accurately represent my character in a substantial way since the majority of the things I carry around every day are standard for all students. To compose this picture I carefully staged the contents of my bag in an orderly fashion in an attempt to make it take a roughly square shape. I also grouped general categories of items together. I would consider writing about the stuff in your bag as a type of writing, although it is an incredibly specific category. It has almost become its own genre as the prompt of what in my bag becomes a more popular video concept.

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